The group

The Clauberg Group consists of the companies Michael Clauberg Schleifmittelfabrik GmbH, Lauterjung & Tesche Schleifmittelfabrik GmbH and Dorfner Schleifmittelwerk GmbH. We produce high-end grinding tools in all sizes and bonding systems to meet the most demanding quality standards.

We produce grinding wheels for virtually every industry.

Dorfner Schleifmittelwerk GmbH manufactures the following products:

  • Vitrified grinding tools
    • Cast grinding wheels up to Ø 915 mm
    • Pressed grinding wheels up to Ø 900 mm
    • Grinding wheels with widths up to 400 mm
    • CBN and diamond high performance wheels

The portfolio of Michael Clauberg Schleifmittelfabrik GmbH and Lauterjung & Tesche Schleifmittelfabrik GmbH includes the following product lines:

  • Grinding wheels, cups, cylinders and segments in all common sizes for coarse, fine and superfine grinding
  • Pressed phenolic resins
  • Cast epoxy and polyurethane resins, rigid and elastic
  • Two-zone cylinders – grinding and fining in a single step
  • Magnesite bond with up to 2000 mm diameter